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More than 60 years of experience

MF Börger exists more than 60 years. In all of those years, we have built up experience with all aspects of machines and metal construction. Additionally, our specific knowledge in a few branches has grown tremendously. Over the last decades, we have focused on service and maintenance.


Founded in 1945

MF Börger was founded in 1945 in Martenshoek (near Hoogezand) as ‘Machinefabriek Börger and Kleine’, by J. Th. Börger as one of the founders. He used to work in the Groninger sugar factory. Since 1948 situated at the Van Neckstraat, directly next to the Winschoterdiep, wich is still an important shipbuilding area in The Netherlands.


Specialized in multiple branches

First, MF Börger worked mainly in the agricultural industry. This is still accurate, although the company is now also active in the paper board industry, ship-building, waste water treatment and gas exploration. When there was the first gas exploration in the fifties, MF Börger worked with the first drill installation. And still, MF Börger works to realize and maintain the gas exploration installations.


Sister company in Poland

In the mid nineties, MF Borger founded a sister company in Poland together with Jansen & Heuning. Here, the company mainly produces (standard) products to supply the shipbuilding industry. Besides these, this company also produces customized products.


More service and maintenance

The number of employees has increased slightly since then. Although, the composition of our team has changed: our employees mainly exist out of service and maintenance engineers and mechanics. All round and independent professionals who are more and more applied for repairs, renovations and adjustments in machines and constructions.



updated: 10 November 2008

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