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Complete, flexible and pragmatic

In the past 60 years of existence, MF Börger has grown from engineering works to a full service partner for the industry. Thanks to our people, knowledge and tools we are able to take on all challenges in the areas of machine- and metal construction.


Attention for quality

Our team exists out of 25 certified and experienced professionals, mainly all round engineers and maintenance mechanics. They regularly attend refresher and additional courses, as well as for the safety certificate VCA*.


All round and alert

employees Machinefabriek BörgerIndependence of our mechanics is distinctive in our mode of operation. They are the one you communicate with and with their level of experience they are often able to immediately come up with a solution and even realizing this. We have short lines of communication, which gives us the chance to offer quick results and only the necessary costs.


Together strong

MF Börger is part of a group consisting of three companies. The sister companies are Jansen & Heuning in Groningen (specialized in bulk handling equipment) and the Polish production company ZM Charbrowo.




Service and maintenance, assembly Production and machining
Support of technical service in regular maintenance, underemployment Design and production of machines and parts
Solutions for technical failures Repair, retrovit and revision of production machines
Stand by support of technical specialists Construction works
Assembly work Machining



updated: 10 November 2008

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