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General Cargo vessels

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All the small metal items for vessels from a single supplier:

that’s what makes MF Börger unique!

General cargo vessels require a versatile partner for the small metal items. More and more European shipyards are choosing MF Börger. We have over 65 years’ experience in metalworking and are specialists in the maritime sector.


Tailor made maritime products

  • Complete range
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminium and synthetic material
  • High level of delivery reliability
  • Competitive prices
  • Certificates for guaranteed safety

Short delivery times

MF Börger supplies a high quality selection of shipbuilding products.
Our sister company in Poland produces these items with the highest quality standards. We have solutions ready so the time of delivery is minimal.

Our service engineers and welders take care for mounting and welding on board.



Our selection:


'Main' (pdf, 410 kB)

'Bollards part 1' (pdf, 39 kB)

'Bollards part 2' (pdf, 32 kB)

'Bollards part 3' (pdf, 21 kB)

'Deckhouse' (pdf, 433 kB)

'Side platform, foundations en pipe supports' (pdf, 24 kB)

'Gangways' (pdf, 110 kB)

'Compas platforms' (pdf, 36 kB)

'Ladders' (pdf, 70 kB)

'Hatches and doors part 1' (pdf, 83 kB)

'Hatches and doors part 2' (pdf, 102 kB)

'Egineroom floors' (pdf, 482 kB)

'Masts' (pdf, 45 kB)

'Oil and expansion tanks' (pdf, 112 kB)

'Rail work' (pdf, 41 kB)

'Stairs' (pdf, 41 kB)

'Mooring rope containers' (pdf, 62 kB)

'Propellor shaft protection guard' (pdf, 42 kB)

'Ventilation cowls part 1' (pdf, 114 kB)

'Ventilation cowls part 2' (pdf, 27 kB)

'Water tight doors' (pdf, 60 kB)


To open the PDF-files you need Acrobat Reader. This is a free computer software program that you can download here.



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